Hello, my wonderful readers! My name is Eliz. I am married to the most amazing man and have a beautiful daughter who is the light of my life. I live in the mountains of Western Virginia. Living in Small Town, USA, I have had the chance to live out my dream of having a miniature farm. My passions consist of horseback riding, writing, baking, fishing, and cleaning. I am an advocate for Autism Awareness and Suicide Prevention. I started The Road to There in the beginning of 2017. My goal is for my viewers who can identify, to know they are not alone and to offer healing and faith, through the experiences that I share.

I have always had a love for writing. The different ways one can express their emotions, the many ways you can connect with another in the most unique way, it’s so amazing. Some o life’s trials and tribulations brought great pain and sorrow, and I  let it consume me. I suffered depression for several years and I continue to battle those demons everyday. Somewhere along the way, I feel I have misplaced my gift and I am on a mission to get it back.

This blog is a collection of all my thoughts, all of my creations, all of my adventures, all of the beautiful and heartbreaking experiences, all that  I have learned in life. It’s a journey, another step towards my passion, who I am destined to be.

I’m still trying to figure my way around this amazing blog world. While setting up the site is stressful, I find so much joy in being able to connect with others in such a beautiful way. Come join me on this wonderful journey!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I am thrilled with the welcoming response of those here! It’s amazing to look at the stats daily. You are right, around the world! Thank you for your nice, welcoming comment.


  2. Hi Eliza. I hope you don’t mind, I saw your blog on another website I follow and “went exploring!” I wish you luck in your new venture with this blog. I respect and support the main causes you mentioned, especially suicide prevention. It is NEVER the way out! Stop in and visit my blog if you’d like at: https://lightministryblog.wordpress.com/



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