Aesthetic Seasons


Appreciation of beauty.

I decided to go with photographs I have taken at various places. It has taken me awhile to choose just a handful, when there is so much beauty in the world.

I am so blessed to live in the Appalachian Mountains. Every curve is another breathtaking view.


Winter Show



Their manes are wintry white
Frosted with the glistening snow
Their backs dappled light
Shimmer with a frozen glow

Dark browns and Sorrell tones
Contrast with the winter wonderland
From dark grays to deep roans
The hushed colors of the land

Their manes and backs covered white
Frosted from the fresh fallen snow
These horses, they flee through the night
Putting on a winter show

Great Change

For the last year and a half, I have been feeling a great change coming, within me and around me. Half of me has always dreaded this, in fear of desolation and isolation. Who would have ever known it could be liberating? Never did I ever.

Nonetheless, today is the day that I’m going to let go. Let go of the people who hold me in place just to pick me apart like starving savages. I’m going to let go of the people who promised everything under the sun but really only give me hell. I am going to let go of my fears, worries, and negativity. Never will I ¬†withstand another moment being told to or being made to feel like I should be ashamed of my flaws and scars, or that I am what my mistakes have been. Instead, I now know that I am who I make myself to be.

My flaws and scars are the fiber that holds me together, my dreams and ambitions is what drives me. I am already SOMEBODY. I always have been. I just needed to prove it to myself.