Sipping the Water

As a kid, I spent a lot of my days at church. Whether it was tent revivals, volunteering in the warehouse, or sunday school, I learned the songs, the ways, and the word. I reflect on all of that and then wonder what is missing in my life.

I have not led a very righteous life. I have turned my back on him, I have cursed His name, and I have questioned everything about Him. I honest felt as if I had legitimate reasons to feel this way.
I haven’t stepped foot in a church since the day I got married. I haven’t touched a Bible in years. I haven’t really even taught my daughter anything related to religion. (There was once a time I wouldn’t have felt so horrible and ashamed for that.) 

Last year was one of the hardest years of my adult life. I have never felt so low and useless in my entire life. I needed to cling onto something that would give me hope, to get me through. I will never forget that feeble prayer.

My main New Years Resolution was to become closer with God. Though lately it’s almost like I’ve been dipping my toe in the water, refusing to jump because the water will take me out of my comfort zone.

I am thankful to have such an amazing friend in my husband. He has literally and figuratively held my hand through all of this, he is also the one to “push me into the water.” We have decided to attend Sunday service at the church we were married in!

While I am excited, I am nervous. I wish I could elaborate that but I cannot think of any words that eloquently explain. This is a new chapter in our lives!

Blogger Recognition Award

I was awarded by one of my absolute favorite and inspiring bloggers. I feel truly honored to be chosen amongst fellow bloggers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Oristel, Keep Moving On. Thank you for nominating me, sharing your stories, and always encouraging others!


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How My Blog Started?

My story isn’t grand or anything extraordinary. A close friend told me about WordPress over a year ago and quite persistently begged me to start blogging. I would often scoff at her, because who in the world would read my thoughts? I joined January of this year and sincerely wish I would have listened to my dear friend sooner. I enjoy reading everyone’s posts and sharing my tidbits of my life with you.

My Advice to Fellow Bloggers:

Stay true to yourself, you will save yourself from so much heartache. Having lived a rebellious life, I have had to find my road to “there”, to myself and my happiness. You will not find happiness anywhere in the world or any person in the world, until you find happiness with yourself.


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The Nudge Wink Report – Chinese New Year 2017 Edition – Horoscopes For All

I feel so honored to be put on this list! Go check out all of the amazing bloggers who are also on this wonderful list!

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Hey there folks.

I’ve written a guest post over at The Nudge Wink Report.

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The Nudge Wink Report – Chinese New Year 2017 Edition – Horoscopes For All

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The Glass Swan


My Grandmother was obsessed about dishes. Anyone who knew her, knew her as the “Dish Lady.” She would drive hundreds of miles away from home just to buy what most people thought was a simple plate. As a child, my Mom would send me with her for the summer. I would often accompany her on these bizarre road trips.

A few days ago, I was looking through an old box and found a dusty glass swan. Immediately an old memory flashed in my head. I was about 7 years old. My Grandmother and I were on our way to pick up a load of antique dishes. Soonafter arriving, I wandered off to look around the enormous barn packed full of stuff.

I remember my Grandmother picking up this glass piece and I thinking how weird looking it was. When we got back to her house, we sat at the her cluttered kitchen table. She showed me how to clean each dish, how to read the information on each dish, how to reference and log how to each dish, and how to profit from each dish.

Funny how memories become so precious.

Teary eyed, I cleaned off the little glass piece. Behold, a beautiful swan. Now it sits happily beside my coffee pot full of sugar. I am sure my Grandmother is proudly smiling behind her coffee mug.




“Happiness is the highest level of success.”

If I am having a bad day, there is one thing for certain to cheer me up. A visit to the barn!


He earnestly listens, not only my words but my emotions.


He is quick to tell me when he does not agree with me.


He also finds me entertaining.


Without fail, he is successful in making me happy.

“The bond between a horse and rider is inseparable.”

The Year of Amusement


I could not think of anything better than sharing my story about starting the New Year, with a 3 day dilemma.

My husband bought me a new phone during one of those crazy end of the year sales, as my other one had just bit the dust a couple of days after Christmas. After all the hustle and bustle of the day, I sat down on the couch and programmed the new phone. Realizing I had spent about 20 minutes playing on it, I shuffled off to bed.

The next morning, when everyone went outside to play with their toys from Christmas, I stayed inside to do some much-needed cleanup. After a while, I sat down to take a break and noticed my phone was blinking, I had a notification. I opened it and went to Facebook to check it.

Not even 30 seconds later, a notification banner pops up from my Gmail account. Title reads, “Unrecognized device. Is this you?” I skim through the e-mail and go back to Facebook and check my settings. There I see “someone” had logged into my Facebook account, where an alert was sent because said device was not recognized on my account.

OK, no big deal. Quick change of the password, I log back in. I heard the dryer buzzer go off, so I swiped out all of the active apps on my phone and went back to my duties. A while later, I hear my phone buzzing. Another notification. Again, I go and check it out. Roughly a minute later, another email pops up about an unrecognized device. Now I was becoming really confused. Was this a prank? Was someone legitimately trying to hack my account? Who has that much time in their life to repeatedly hack one’s account? I once again repeat all the steps.

Now mind you, this goes on for 3 days. THREE DAYS.  The first day, I was confused. The second day, I was becoming increasingly agitated. By the third day, I was just plum ticked off. For the life of me, I could not understand how this “person” could figure out my new password, when it took me probably 15 minutes (each time) to come up with it!

I finally decided to just browse around in the settings and see what  I could come up with. Eventually, I came across the section of, (yes, you guessed it), unrecognized devices. That very moment a lightbulb went off…and I busted out in hysterical laughter.

I had forgotten to link my phone to my account! I did not think of that because I don’t use the actual app, I use the browser. I laughed so hard I was snorting, my stomach hurt, I had tears rolling down my face. Here I thought for 3 days I had a stalker/hacker, when it was really just another ditzy moment for the books. My family definitely has gotten a kick out of this. Almost 3 weeks later and I’m still the laughing stock.

Huh, another 3. 😉


Aesthetic Seasons


Appreciation of beauty.

I decided to go with photographs I have taken at various places. It has taken me awhile to choose just a handful, when there is so much beauty in the world.

I am so blessed to live in the Appalachian Mountains. Every curve is another breathtaking view.

Winter Show



Their manes are wintry white
Frosted with the glistening snow
Their backs dappled light
Shimmer with a frozen glow

Dark browns and Sorrell tones
Contrast with the winter wonderland
From dark grays to deep roans
The hushed colors of the land

Their manes and backs covered white
Frosted from the fresh fallen snow
These horses, they flee through the night
Putting on a winter show

Great Change

For the last year and a half, I have been feeling a great change coming, within me and around me. Half of me has always dreaded this, in fear of desolation and isolation. Who would have ever known it could be liberating? Never did I ever.

Nonetheless, today is the day that I’m going to let go. Let go of the people who hold me in place just to pick me apart like starving savages. I’m going to let go of the people who promised everything under the sun but really only give me hell. I am going to let go of my fears, worries, and negativity. Never will I  withstand another moment being told to or being made to feel like I should be ashamed of my flaws and scars, or that I am what my mistakes have been. Instead, I now know that I am who I make myself to be.

My flaws and scars are the fiber that holds me together, my dreams and ambitions is what drives me. I am already SOMEBODY. I always have been. I just needed to prove it to myself.